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Clearfil SE Bond Value kit


Kuraray, after inventing the self-etching technique with CLEARFIL LINER BOND 2 in 1993, has surpassed their universally accepted total-etch technology with a new product — a new-generation self-etching primer and bonding system called CLEARFIL SE BOND.

CLEARFIL SE BOND Value Kit Contains:

  • 3 Primer 6ml
  • 3 Bond 5ml
  • 2 Brush holders
  • 1 Mixing dish
  • 1 Light-blocking plate
  • 1 Outer Case
  • 6 Disposable brush tips (50 pcs.)


CLEARFIL SE BOND is a simplified, light-cure bonding system containing a water-based primer. The procedure time with CLEARFIL SE BOND is significantly reduced, while providing enhanced bond strength and sealing properties — and, it can be used with all light-cured restoration. The unique “Outer Case” delivery system allows direct finger control of the contents.


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